Goa Tour Packages From Surat-Best Tour Packages For Goa

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We suggest the best Goa tour packages from Surat if you stay in Surat or want to take a tour package from Surat to Goa. We help you to manage your Goa tour package Like-how to visit Goa, the Best hotel to stay in Goa, tasty Food, and place to visit in Goa.
You can manage your tour plan by yourself, or you can take 3 night / 4 days or 4 night / 5 days tour plan from any travel company.

What kind of trip are you planning for

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Goa Tour Packages From Surat

Goa Tour Packages From Surat
Goa Tour Packages From Surat

Surat to Goa distance

Surat is located on the outskirts of Gujarat, Western India; Goa is on its western coast. With 880 kilometers between the two locations and numerous routes to connect the two, Surat and Goa offer tourists a thrilling trip.

Surat to Goa Flight

To have a simple and quick option to travel between Surat and Goa by air, you can fly from Surat Airport (STV) to Goa International Airport (GOI). The 1.5-hour trip can be made with various airlines operating flights between the two airports.

Surat to Goa flight price

Flight prices can change dramatically due to various variables, including demand, seasonality, and availability.
We suggest looking up online travel agents or websites of airlines to obtain the most current pricing information regarding flights that go from Surat to Goa. It is worth scheduling your flight before the time or being flexible with the travel date to find a better cost.

Surat to Goa Train

Surat is easily connected to Goa via railway. Numerous trains operate between Surat and Goa and take anywhere from 14 to 18 hours, based on your chosen train. Popular trains include Mandovi Express, Konkan Kanya Express, and Jan Shatabdi Express.

Surat to Goa train ticket price

The cost of a train ticket from Surat to Goa will vary depending on the type and availability and the date you purchase. In September 2021, an estimated one-way journey from Surat and Goa can cost anything between 300 to Rs. 300 to 2000 rupees. 2000 based on the type of travel.

It is important to know that train prices can fluctuate frequently. To get the most up-to-date and precise information about train tickets, check the Indian Railway website or a travel agent.

Surat to Goa bus

You can go from Surat to Goa by bus or vehicle, which takes around 16 hours. The route takes you through gorgeous spots on the way. You can use your car or take a taxi for the trip.

 The latest information about bus schedules, routes, and fares.

We suggest the following online sources you can utilize to find information about Surat and Goa service buses.


RedBus is an established bus ticketing website that provides complete information about bus schedules, routes, fares, routes and availability. Visit the website of RedBus or install their application to look up Surat to Goa buses.


This platform provides complete bus schedules, routes, fares, and availability information. You can visit the website of MakeMyTrip or install their application and look up Surat to Goa buses.

Gujarat State Road Transport Corporation (GSRTC)

GSRTC offers buses throughout Gujarat and neighboring states. Check their website for more information about Surat to Goa bus services provided by GSRTC.

Private bus operators From Surat to Goa, several private bus companies provide buses. Please search on the internet for these companies and visit their websites for information on bus schedules, routes, fares, and availability.

Before you book your bus ticket, I suggest using multiple sources to compare rates and schedules. Additionally, it is recommended to reserve your tickets early to be sure of availability – especially during peak travel times.

Ultimately, the most effective way of traveling between Surat to Goa is based on your budget, the amount of time available, and your personal preference.

Book Hotel – Goa Star Hotels and Resort- Cheap price Tour Packages

4 Nights / 5 Days Surat to Goa Tour Package For a Couple

Surat to Goa Flight Charges approx-16000/- Rs./ Both sides ( 4000 x 2 Person= 8000/ Rs) (All it depends on which transport service Like Flight, Bus/Taxi orTrain you are using for travel to go to surat to Goa)

Candolim beach is the best choice for most tourists, so we take all examples for Candolim beach Goa. You can choose as you wish.

Goa airport to the hotel ( Near Candolim Beach ) transport charges approximately 3000/- Rs. pickup & drop. (all it depends on which part of Goa where you are staying )

Hotel– Most tourist search for hotels near beach areas and Budget Hotels. You have to choose a room with a complimentary breakfast. You can find out a hotel room for approx 2500/- Night ( 2500*4 Night=10,000 )

All meals ( Lunch & Dinner ) cost approx 1500/ Day x 5 Days=6000/- Rs.

Goa Sightseeing- You can visit any tourist places of Goa darshan or sightseeing within Goa by private Cab or sharing a bus.

You can select the tourist places as you like two days or three days trip

For 2 to 3 days, all the tourist places will be covered by a car 2500x 3 days=7500/-Rs. approx

Flight Charges 16000/- Rs.
Airport to Hotel Pickup & Drop 3000/ Rs.
4 Nights Stay in Budget Hotel With Breakfast 10,000/- Rs
3 Days Goa Sightseeing By Car 7500/- Rs.
5 Days Lunch & Dinner 6000
Total 42,500/- Rs For 2 Persons or a couple


Note – All the rates above may be different. We have just given you an idea about managing your Goa tour.

If you travel in a group, this cost per person will be much less.

Customize Goa Tour Packages From Surat in your budget

Apart from this, it can be possible if you want a cheap tour package. You can also find a cheap hotel within your budget in Goa,

You can travel from surat to goa by Train and save money by using a bike/scooter instead of a cab and managing the package according to your budget.

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