Yawal Wildlife Sanctuary

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Yawal Wildlife Sanctuary
Yawal Wildlife Sanctuary

Yawal Wildlife Sanctuary-The aim of the wildlife sanctuary is to provide a comfortable life to the animals.
There are many beautiful wildlife sanctuaries in India where every year a large number of tourists come to these lush green areas and dense forests with thick forests, big rivers, and high and beautiful mountains. 

Yawal Wildlife Sanctuary is located in the Yawal Tehsil of Jalgaon district of Maharashtra, India. It is a Sanctuary spread out over an area of around 178 square meters, which is covered by dense forests.

It is home to a variety of fauna and plants and therefore is a stunning destination. We have given below all the information related to this wildlife sanctuary and the animals found.

Best time to visit Yawal Wildlife Sanctuary

Jalgaon District receives an average rainfall of about 690 mm and the temperature varies from 10 to 48 degrees Celsius. Jalgaon has got pretty diverse climate. It is exceptionally hot and dry during summer with temperatures reaching as high as 45 degrees Celsius.

Max temp: 48.0°C, Min temp: 10.3°C , Average rainfall:690.2 mm.

Jalgaon receives about 700 mm of rainfall during monsoons, which is followed by pleasant temperatures in winter. The vibe is always chilled here.

The place to stay near Yawal Wildlife Sanctuary

The government rest house offers services for lodging and board.

How to go to Yawal Wildlife Sanctuary?

Yawal Wildlife Sanctuary is sitauted in Jalgaon district. Jalgaon District is located in the northwest region of the state of Maharashtra. It is bounded by the Satpuda mountain ranges in the north, and the Ajanta mountain ranges in the south.

You can by air or by train. Both transport facilities are available. The nearest airport for Yawal Wildlife Sanctuary is Jalgaon Airport which is only 95 km away.
The nearest major railway station to Bhusawal is Bhusawal.

Flora and  Fauna 

It is home to millions of animals, birds, insects, micro-organisms, etc. of different fauna and species, providing them with a healthy and safe environment.

Flora ( Plants of a particular region, habitat, or geological period )-

Teak, Salai, Anjan, Tendu, Amla

Fauna ( The animals of a given region or period considered as a whole )
Tiger, Leopard, Sambar, Chinkara, Nilgai, Sloth bear

Food, Fair, and Language

Language– Mainly Ahirani and Marathi language is spoken here, Hindi language is also spoken in the area near the Madhya Pradesh border.

Food– You can get to eat dal, rice, chapati, etc. in vegetarian food.

Fair-Shri Ram Rathotsav fair, Navratri-Mahalakshmi fair, Changdev fair, Muktabai fair, etc. are famous in Jalgaon.

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